iPhone 13 Battery A2655 3.84V 1467 mAh




This description provides information about a replacement battery for the iPhone 13, emphasizing its compatibility and quality. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  1. Battery Replacement: It highlights the importance of replacing an old or dying phone battery to restore device performance.
  2. Compatibility: The battery is stated to be compatible with the iPhone 13.
  3. Premium Stable Quality: The battery is described as ensuring smooth phone operation, especially for heavy users who rely on their phones for work or leisure.
  4. Battery Adhesive Included: The battery comes with pre-installed adhesive to facilitate easier installation and provide a better finish.
  5. Battery Details:
    • Zero Cycle Count: Indicates that the battery is brand new and has not been used or cycled before.
    • CE Certified: The battery is certified for safety, reliability, and longevity.
    • Capacity: 3227mAh.
    • Voltage: 12.41 Wh.
  6. Issues Addressed: The product is intended to address various issues with the iPhone, including:
    • “Service” warning in settings.
    • Swollen battery.
    • Short battery life.


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