Electronics Repair

Welcome to NZ Electronics Repair: Your Trusted Electronics Repair Brand in New Zealand

At NZ Electronics Repair, we’re more than a name; we’re a trusted electronics repair brand in New Zealand with a legacy of excellence. We offer a comprehensive range of repair solutions to meet your technology needs, including smartphones, tablets, Apple iPads, laptops, computers, and more.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

Electronics Repair: Beyond fixing iPhones, smartphones, tablets, Apple iPads, laptops, and computers, we’re experts in repairing TVs, game consoles, and precision soldering jobs.

iPhone Repair: Our iPhone repair services cover everything, from fixing cracked screens to advanced problems like logic board repair and data recovery. We service a wide range of iPhone models, from the iPhone 5 to the latest iPhone 12 series.

Samsung Repair: We offer comprehensive Samsung mobile repair services, including software upgrades, LCD replacement, water damage repair, and more. Our expert technicians are skilled in handling a variety of Samsung models, ensuring your device is in capable hands.

iPad Repair: From broken and cracked iPads to hardware and software issues, our iPad repair services have you covered. We can address touchscreen problems, battery replacements, and even perform data recovery for a range of iPad models.

MacBook Repair: Our experienced team can handle MacBook repairs, from LCD/glass screen replacement to logic board repair and memory upgrades. We address issues like liquid spills, fan problems, and more, for various MacBook models.

Laptop Repair: We specialize in laptop repair services, including software troubleshooting, hardware upgrades, and data recovery. We service a wide range of laptop brands, ensuring that your device operates smoothly.

Tablet Repair: Our tablet repair services cover screen replacements, battery replacements, and logic board repairs for a variety of tablet models.

Data Recovery Service: We offer data recovery solutions for a wide range of devices, including PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, and more. Whether you’ve experienced accidental deletions, hardware failures, or other data loss issues, we can help recover your important information.

Huawei Repair: Our Huawei repair services cover LCD replacement, headphone jack repairs, battery replacements, and more for various Huawei models.

With our commitment to quality service, we’ve earned the trust of over 40,000 satisfied customers. We maintain a stock of all necessary parts, backed by our own warehouse, ensuring a swift turnaround for your repairs.

At NZ Electronics Repair, we understand the essential role electronic devices play in modern life. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to fixing your devices efficiently, ensuring they work flawlessly once more.

Trust NZ Electronics Repair for fast and reliable electronic repair services in New Zealand. We fix it once, and we fix it right. Our tech-savvy team is here to assist you with all your technology repair needs.

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