Electronics Repair

Electronics Repair- Complete Store for Phone , Computer , Tablets and Electronics Repair

All Level of Soldering Jobs done in no time

NZ Electronics Repair is not just a name it’s a repairing electronics NZ brand.
We do all repair jobs from Screen Replacements to Advanced computer / PC Problems.
We have IT a solution for all and fix all tech
As a technology repairer, we have all the parts in stock and have own warehouse as well.
We have more than 40,000+ happy customers and are trusted by all.

Electronics Repair- NZ Electronics Repair

We are NZ Registered specialist Phone and Computer Repair and electronic repair company that provides services with the fastest turnaround and Best Prices.
Electronic devices are used to perform various functions in our normal routine and are an indispensable part of our livelihood.
From domestic usage to commercial, our day will not be completed without these tech gadgets.

Electronics Repair- At NZ Electronics Repair, we do not just fix iPhones, Smartphones, Tablets, Apple iPad’s, Laptops, and Computers.
With our Electronics Repair Service, We also repair TVs, game consoles, soldering Jobs, and many more. Sometimes there are many devices which need soldering
and our technicians are skilled in soldering jobs.

At NZ Electronics Repair, We are well known in the market for all iPhones, smartphones, Mac, PC, and Laptop Repair.
No job is small for us. We work for the ultimate future and guard aura of environment technology.
Our team comprises of Technicians who are passionate about Electronics Repair. Technology has power in today’s modern world and we fix them all.
We know that today our lives and livelihood are dependant upon the electronics gadgets and it can be how frustrating if it is broken/dead.
But do not be disheartened, at NZ Electronics Repair, we repair them all. We fix it Once, we fix it right.
Our technicians are all tech-savvy who loves their job profile and are always more than happy to assist you.

Our Electronics Store has two branches, one in the Heart of Milford, just on the corner of Shakespeare Road- 1 Shakespeare Road, Milford, Northshore 0620
and others in the heart of Silverdale Village, just on the Silverdale street- 1/44 Silverdale Street, Silverdale 0932.
But we are not only limited to these areas, but we also offer same day repair via courier easily by Mail-In- Repair. Please refer to the mail-in repair for more details.

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