Advanced Level Repairs

Apple Advanced level Repair

Do you have faulty, water-damaged, or broken devices? Whether it’s your phone, tablet, computer, MacBook, or PC, if authorised repairers can’t fix it, we can. Our expert technicians specialize in repairing devices beyond the capabilities of authorised service centres. We excel at resolving logical failures and performing data recovery, tasks often deemed impossible by others. Count on us to fix your faulty logic board swiftly—within 24-48 hours, and in some cases, even within a couple of hours. Our experienced technicians handle logic board repairs for iPhones and MacBooks daily. For advanced-level repair expertise, trust us—we deliver results. change authorised centre to IRP centre

iPhone, iPad, mac, Mac Mini, and all Apple devices 

Is your MacBook experiencing logic board failure, liquid damage, power surges, graphic chip issues, or iMac-related problems like the grey screen, noisy fan, or RAM beeping issues? Perhaps you’re dealing with simple keyboard, trackpad, screen, or hard drive to SSD upgrades without data loss, anti-glare coating issues, Wi-Fi problems, or OSX errors like the question mark sign with the folder? Look no further—we’re the leading Apple Repair in Auckland. We accept jobs from all over New Zealand via mail-in repair process with fast delivery options

MacBook Air Broken Screen Repair-NZ Electronics Repair

We are a complete Repair store.

we have all the stock and the latest technology to repair the phones and computers. we are specialists for all Apple products like iPhone, iPad, Mac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Retina, Mac mini and more. no job is small for us we are based in the heart of North Shore City 1 Shakespeare Road Milford and 1/44 Silverdale Street, Silverdale 0932.

NZ Electronics Repair Services Include Virus & Spyware Removal, Disaster Data Recovery, And Hardware Repair.

At NZ Electronics Repair, we offer convenient on-site services for both residential and business customers, providing practical solutions for internet issues, wireless networks, and productivity-reducing annoyances. Our troubleshooting expertise extends to both PC and Mac systems, ensuring efficient resolution of any arising issues.

We specialize in MacBook Pro Air screen replacements, including models A1278, A1286, A1370, A1465, A1369, A1466, A1425, A1502, A1398, A1534, A1706, A1707, and A1708 LCD screen replacements. Additionally, we address keyboard, trackpad, touchpad, touch bar, and hard drive cable issues. Our services cover 21.5-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch glass, blue screen errors, performance tune-ups, MacBook firmware unlock, Cisco support, and chip-level repairs—all at affordable prices.

Count on us for comprehensive repairs and exceptional service

Affordable Mac Services

  1. Screen Replacement: Repair or replace damaged or cracked screens.
  2. Keyboard Replacement: Replace malfunctioning or damaged keyboards.
  3. Battery Replacement: Install new batteries to improve battery life and performance.
  4. Trackpad Repair/Replacement: Fix issues with the trackpad or replace it if necessary.
  5. Logic Board Repair/Replacement: Repair or replace faulty logic boards to address various hardware issues.
  6. Hard Drive/SSD Upgrade or Replacement: Install larger or faster storage drives or replace failing ones.
  7. RAM Upgrade or Replacement: Install additional RAM or replace faulty memory modules.
  8. Port Repair: Repair or replace damaged USB, Thunderbolt, HDMI, or other ports.
  9. Fan Replacement: Replace malfunctioning or noisy fans to prevent overheating.
  10. Speaker Repair/Replacement: Fix issues with speakers or replace them if necessary.
  11. Microphone Repair/Replacement: Address problems with built-in microphones.
  12. Data Recovery: Recover data from failing or damaged storage drives.
  13. Liquid Damage Repair: Repair damage caused by liquid spills or exposure.
  14. Software Troubleshooting and Optimization: Diagnose and resolve software-related issues, optimize system performance.
  15. Diagnostics and Evaluation: Conduct thorough diagnostics to identify hardware and software problems.

Software issues

  1. OS Installation and Configuration: Install or reinstall macOS, configure settings, and perform updates.
  2. Virus and Malware Removal: Remove viruses, malware, and other security threats.
  3. System Cleanup and Maintenance: Clean dust and debris, optimize system settings, and perform routine maintenance tasks.
  4. Data Backup Solutions: Implement data backup solutions to prevent data loss.
  5. Warranty and Insurance Claim Assistance: Assist customers with warranty claims or insurance processes.
  6. NZ Electronics Repair: Provide specialized repair services for electronic components, including circuit boards, power supplies, and other electronics-related issues.

Including NZ Electronics Repair as a service provider offers customers a comprehensive range of repair solutions, especially for complex electronic components and circuitry.

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