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Welcome to NZ Electronics Repair, your trusted destination for Samsung device repairs in Auckland. As an authorized Samsung Service Center, we are dedicated to providing top-notch repair services for a wide range of Samsung products. We Repair All Models.

Samsung S Full ScreenNote SeriesFull ScreenA SeriesFull Screen
79Note 3 Full screen129A3 2015 screen169
S489Note 4 Full screen149A3 2016 screen179
S599Note 5 Full screen199A3 2017 screen169
S5- Active129Note 8 Full screen289A500 screen129
S6129Note 9 Full screen319A5 A510 screen149
S7169Note 10 Full screen319A5 A520 screen169
S6 Edge Screen159Note 10 Plus Full screen459A6 screen159
S6 edge plus219Note 20319A6+ screen179
S7 edge219note 20 ultra499A7 A700 screen179
S8219J SeriesFull ScreenA7 A710 screen199
S8 Plus249J110/ J100 Full screen119A7 A720 screen209
S9229J111 Full screen139A8 A530 screen189
S9 PlusnJ120 Full screen109A8 Plus A730 screen209
S10329J2 Prime G532 LCD129A72018 A750 screen199
S10e199J2 Prime Touch89A9-2018 screen239
S10 Plus349J2 Pro J250 Full screen129A10 2019 – A105G screen129
Samsung S20329J200 Full screen129A10s screen139
Samsung S20 Plus349J260/ J2 Core Full screen89A20 screen169
Samsung S20 Ultra369J3 Prime( 3 rd party)Full screen109A20s screen199
S20 FE229J3 Pro (J330) Full screen99A30 screen189
s21309J320 Full screen129A40 screen189
s21 plus309J400 Full screen129A50 screen199
s21 ultra429J410/J415/610/615 Full screen99A70 screen199
s21 fe299J600 Full screen159A80 screen279
s22 ultra499J800 Full screen229A90 screen/a905f299
s22299J810 Full screen229A0199
s22 plus309J5 520 Full screen0A01 Core129
s23399J5 J500 Full screen129a02129
s23+399J5 Prime G570 Full screen89a02s/A03s129
s23U529J5 Pro J530 Full screen179A03129
J7 J700 Full screen199A11 Screen129
J7 J701 Full screen189A12 screen129
J7 J710 Full screen199A127f/ A12 nacho139
J7 Prime G610 Full screen99A21 screen129
J7 Pro J730 Full screen189A21s screen139
A22 4g229
A22 5g139
a32 5g/a326129
a13 4g139
a13 5g139
A14 – 4G139
A14 – 5G159
A24 4g199
Samsung Phone Repair


Samsung S10 Plus

Samsung Phone Repair

Samsung S10

Samsung Phone Repair

Samsung S9 Plus

samsung galaxy s9 repair - NZ Electronics Repair

Samsung S9

Samsung Galaxy-S8-plus repair services

Samsung S8 Plus

Galaxy S8 silver repair services

Samsung S8

Galaxy-S8-silver repair services

Samsung S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy repair services

Samsung S7

Galaxy S6 repair service

Samsung S6

Galaxy S5 repair services

Samsung S5

Samsung S4 Repair services

Samsung S4

Galaxy jseries Phone Repair

Samsung J

Samsung A7 Repair services

Samsung A3-A5-A7

At NZ ELECTRONICS REPAIR, we offer expert repair services for a wide range of Samsung models, including:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S Series:
    • Samsung Galaxy S21
    • Samsung Galaxy S20
    • Samsung Galaxy S10
    • Samsung Galaxy S9
    • Samsung Galaxy S8
    • Samsung Galaxy S7
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note Series:
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 20
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  3. Samsung Galaxy A Series:
    • Samsung Galaxy A71
    • Samsung Galaxy A51
    • Samsung Galaxy A31
    • Samsung Galaxy A21
    • Samsung Galaxy A11
  4. Samsung Galaxy J Series:
    • Samsung Galaxy J7
    • Samsung Galaxy J5
    • Samsung Galaxy J3
  5. Samsung Galaxy M Series:
    • Samsung Galaxy M31
    • Samsung Galaxy M21
    • Samsung Galaxy M11
  6. Samsung Galaxy XCover Series:
    • Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro
    • Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s
  7. Samsung Tablets:
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3

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