PC/Laptop Memory Upgrade/Replacement

NZ Electronics Repair



Ram Upgrade call us
SSD Upgrade call us
HDD Upgrade call us
OSX Upgrade call us
Windows Upgrade call us
Software Upgrade Call us
Data cloning call us
Slow HDD to fast HDD Upgrade call us
HDD to SSD Upgrade call us
Breakage Lending Time Late Fee Lost/Damaged Item Fee
Diagnostic Service 8 hours from $20 / hr $200/item
Hardware & Software Installation 8 hours $30 / hr $200/item
Data Recovery 10 hours $40 / hr $400/item
Hardware Repair 2 hours from $30 / hr $200/item
Virus & Spyware Removal 2 hours $10 / hr $500/item
Printer Set Ups / Troubleshooting 1 hour $20 / hr $400/item
Internet Connectivity 2 hours from $40 / hr $300/item
Wireless Networking 1 hour from $40 / hr $200/item

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