Macbook Repair Service

As perfect as Apple products like the Mac might seem, they also encounter several problems and issues now and then. Hard drive issues and screen problems prevent them from performing at their best. Best Mac Repair centre in New Zealand.

Fortunately, our technicians at NZ Electronic Repairs can restore your Mac repair and make it good as new. Whatever the model we have a solution for all Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Macbook Retina, and the latest iMac model, we can repair any Mac model efficiently and right on time. Our technicians are experts in:

Mac Repair 50% Cheaper Than Direct*

MacBook Repair (All Models and Services) Need To Repair your MacBook NZ ELECTRONICS REPAIR handles all the repairs related to MacBook. Not sure which model you have? Send us an email at or visit www. electronics repair. co.NZ and we will get back to you with Quote for repair. If Possible please include the serial number found on the bottom of the Mac or the “About This Mac” menu on the OS, by clicking the Apple Logo in the Top Left.


MacBook Screen Replacement: If your MacBook Screen is Broken or Faulty then the display assembly might need a replacement.

MacBook Not Turning ON: There are many reasons for MacBook not turning on. We run the complete diagnosis on the Machine and find out which pair needs replacing or repairing. It could be MacBook Battery, DC In Charging Port, or Display that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Speaker Not Working: If you are unable to hear any sounds on your MacBook Speaker then the speakers might need replacement.

Wifi Not Working: If the wifi or Bluetooth not working in your MacBook then the wifi antenna might need replacement.

Heating Issues: If your MacBook is heating too much due to a fall or liquid damage then the MacBook must be diagnosed for issues with the logic board or the battery.

Keyboard Not Working: If some or all of the keys of your MacBook are not working then depending on the model of the MacBook Keyboard or Complete Topcase of the MacBook might need replacement.

Trackpad Not Working: If the scroll or swipe functionality of your MacBook trackpad is not working, then the Complete Trackpad or trackpad cable might need replacement.

Noisy Fan or Fan Not Working: If your MacBook fan is making a lot of noise or the fan is not working at all then the fan might need replacement.

Ram Upgrade: If your MacBook is running very slow then the RAM might need to be upgraded or changed.

MacBook Water Damage: If you accidentally dropped water on your MacBook then depending on the extent of the damage to the components of your MacBook we can bring it back to life.

MacBook Mother Board Repair: We provide complex L3 and L4 repairs to bring your dead MacBook to life.

MacBook Software Issue: If your MacBook has any software issues or needs a software upgrade then contact us at 0800585222 to get it fixed.

MacBook Battery Replacement: If your MacBook does not hold a charge for a long time or if the battery is draining fast, MacBook Battery might need replacement.

MacBook Not Charging: If your MacBook is not charging then DC in the Charging Port might need a Replacement.

Hard Disk/ SSD Upgrade: If you require more space on your MacBook or a faster MacBook, then we can provide a Hard Disk or SSD Upgrade based on the initial diagnosis performed by our highly skilled staff.

If Your MacBook Needs any of the services Kindly Visit NZ ELECTRONICS REPAIR at 1 Shakespeare Road, Milford, Northshore, Auckland, or 1/44 Silverdale Street, Silverdale For Free Initial Diagnosis. Our friendly team will assist you or call us for a quote at 0800585222.

Our Technicians are well-trained and Electronics Certified troubleshooters for Mac products—that means we have just the right solution for every technical issue you may have with a Mac device. They do all the repairs in our NZ ELECTRONICS REPAIR Milford lab, we have all the latest Repair tools and skills.

Short Waiting Time

Unlike in other repair centres, you do not need to wait too long to get your MacBook Parts at NZ ELECTRONICS REPAIR. We have our warehouse and we carry more than 2000+ Macbook parts from screen, keyboards, battery, charging ports, dc-in, trackpad, things, back cover, top case assembly, and many more…


  • Macbook Repair ServicesMotherboard Repair
  • Overheating problem
  • Restarting problem
  • Display problem
  • Upgrading RAM and hard drive
  • Chip level servicing
  • Power problems
  • Broken LCD replacement
  • Speaker replacement or repair
  • Logic board replacement or repair
  • Replacement and repair of cracked/damaged screens
  • Faulty/damaged circuitry repair
  • Repairing damaged/broken sockets
  • Cracked or damaged cases
  • Camera replacement or repair
  • Fan replacement or repair
  • Faulty hard drives and DVD drives
  • Audio board replacement or repair
  • Bluetooth board replacement or repair
  • Inverter Replacement
  • IR Board Replacement
  • Or any other hardware problem
  • Mac disassembling
  • Memory upgrades or replacement
  • Hard drive crashes
  • LCD replacement
  • Hinge replacement
  • Old case replacement.


  • Macbook Repair AucklandVirus removal
  • Mac OS upgrades
  • Spyware removal
  • Data recovery
  • Data backup
  • Operating System Installation
  • Slow Computer
  • Antivirus Software
  • Internet Connectivity Issues
  • Networking
  • Configuring Wireless, Broadband, Dialup
  • Or any other software problem.


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