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Fast 30 minutes phone and computer Repair. No Appointment Required. No Urgent Fee. for iPhone repair, iPad repair,  Mac repair, PC repair, Laptop Repair, Data Recovery and Smartphone, and computer Repair. 90 Days Warranty on All Repairs. Top Quality OEM / Original Part used.

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Fast 30 minutes Repair. We Care for Environment our Aim is to reduce E-Waste – Reuse, Repair, Reduce, Recycle

NZ Electronics Repair, we are apple specialist and have years of experienced.

NZ Electronics, phone, and computer Repair is very Proud and avoids the health and environment hazards by doing e-waste. We care for the Environment and love our water. We do repair all kinds of phones and computers Repair.

Apple Repair-We Repair all kind of Apple Devices. iPhone ,iPad, Mac, iPod Repairs. Apple Repair Service all over Auckland and also nationwide. we repair it quickly and yet affordable. Most phone and computer repair service and replacement service take only  1-2 hours. We also have a specialized technician for Apple devices.

Free diagnosis*Service, for Liquid, damaged repair, Mac repairs, and Insurance for coverage and reports as well as booking Requirements. Any brand or Any issue we got a Fix. We also have a special technical Lab. Of course do all our Repairs in our lab only.

We are well known in the market for all iPhones, smartphones, as well as mac, pc, and Laptop Repair.


  • Urgent Same day Repair
  • Certified and Experienced Technicians
  • We give you cash for your used or broken device.
  • We just believe in Top Quality Repair. Repair Once Repair it Right!!

We’re making Phone & Computer Repairs fast & simple

iPhone, Samsung, other Smartphone, Tablet, iPod, Mac, PC, Data Recovery & Backup, Insurance Quotes for all devices NZ Electronics Repair.

What iPhone problems we repair & how long it takes? Many people are using the iPhone because of the exciting features it provides. But it is quite natural that the machine will encounter some issues afterward. The same is the situation with the iPhone too. iPhone Problems which we fix are:

Screen Is Cracked: The cracked phone can’t be used for a long time but someone day it will suddenly become unusable. In that case, screen replacement needs to be done. Usually, it takes only 20-30 minutes to replace the LCD Screen of any model of iPhone.

Front or Back Camera Not working issue: If any of the cameras is not working or Blurry of iPhone then it needs a new Camera that needs to be replaced. Camera replacement takes only 20 minutes to replace it.

Back Camera lens replacement: If the Back Camera lens is broken or scratched due to which camera might not be working properly then the device needs a new Back camera lens to be replaced and takes only 20 minutes to replace it.

Flash Not working: If Flash is Not working firstly we need to check the device with another camera if still flash doen’t start working then we need to replace the complete power flex which will result in a flash to be working perfectly fine. It takes only 30-40 minutes

Power Button Not working issue: If the power button doesn’t work then the complete power flex needs to be replaced. Power flex replacement takes 30-60 minutes varies from model to model.

Volume button not working: If the Volume button is not working then the device needs new Volume Flex to be replaced and takes about 30-60 minutes to replace it.

Battery Issue: If iPhone Battery is not holding a charge or the battery is draining very fast then the device needs a new battery to be replaced and the battery replacement takes only 20 minutes to replace it.

Earpiece or mike issue: If the mic has the issue and you can’t hear the voice properly from the earpiece then it needs to be replaced and takes only 20 minutes only to replace it.

Home Button Not working issue: If the home button is not responding at all then it needs to be replaced which will take only 10-15 minutes only to replace it.

iPhone Not Charging issue: Most of the time if the iPhone is not charging it needs a new charging port to be replaced. Charging port replacement takes only 30 minutes to replace it.

iPhone not turning on If the iPhone is not turning on at all. We need to run a complete diagnosis of the device. In the process of diagnosis, we check the device with another Battery, LCD Screen, and Charging port to find out which of the part is faulty. If the still device doesn’t turn or nothing comes on the screen then we need to connect the iPhone to iTunes to find out if it’s the software issue and then at the last, we might need to check the logic board.

iPhone headphone jack not working: In such a problem iPhone needs a new headphone jack to be replaced and which takes only 30 minutes to replace it.

Vibrator not working issue: In such a problem, iPhone needs a new vibrator to be replaced and which takes only 15-20 minutes to replace it.

iPhone Over Heating issue: In Over Heating issues it could be a battery problem or motherboard issue in which a complete device needs to be diagnosed by replacing the battery and disconnecting every part of the iPhone which is connected to the main motherboard of the iPhone.

Audio IC Issue: The audio IC  problem is with its audio function which is commonly seen in the model iPhone 7 and 7 Plus it is Also called loop disease,  it may be caused by the damage to the audio chip on the motherboard of the iPhone. Some users have reported the entire loss of audio during phone calls or FaceTime calls.In Such a situation, we need to replace or fix the audio ic chip o the motherboard.

Touch issue or Grey Bar lines on screen: This is the known issue in iPhone 6 Plus which is caused by an impact of the Graphic chip on the main motherboard. To fix this issue we need to replace the graphic chip on the main motherboard.

In iPhone repair, most of the replacement part problems are fixed in 30-60 minutes time frame.

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