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We Fix all Macbook Fast, Years of Experience . Call 0800585222

NZ ELECTRONICS REPAIR is not just the name its a NZ Brand of Repair. We do all Phones and Computer Repairs. We are more confident and specialist for Apple Mac Repair. We, NZ Electronics Repair,  carry more than 2000+ Parts in stock. We have strong data base for parts. We can solve your problems as fast we can . 90% Replacement jobs are done in 30-60 minutes. We are well known by our bussiness name in repair industry, ofcourse it’s not a one man army, there is a strong motivated team behind it who are giving their 100% to troubleshoot and perform all problem solving skills. We beat the quote with Price and Quality as we are backbone of many repair businesses. So why to choose indirect path and increase the cost when you have access to right direction in just one click below

1 Shakespeare Road, Milford, Auckland, 0620



  • Mac disassembling
  • Memory upgrades or replacement
  • Hard drive crashes
  • LCD replacement
  • Hinge replacement
  • Old case replacement
  • Mac OS upgrades
  • Software issues
    • High speed fans creating loud noise
    • Fan has stopped running, or rattling noise
    • Shut off on own while in use
    • Freezing or overheating while watching videos
    • Screen displays weird lines, colors or characters
    • Kernel panics and random errors
    • Liquid spill
    • Mac don’t boot up
    • Mac shows a folder on boot up

Our MacBook Pro repair service covers

  • LCD/Glass screen replacement
  • Liquid spill service
  • Logic board repair
  • Memory upgrade or replacement
  • Hard drive replacement and data recovery
  • Virus, malware removal and protection
  • Fan replacement
  • Hard drive cable replacement
  • Battery replacement

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