iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery 3.79V 1460 mAh




iPhone 11 Pro Max battery replacement.


  1. Genuine Texas Instruments IC: Provides superior charging control by monitoring charging, discharging, and protecting against overcharging.
  2. NZ Certified: Complies with Lithium-Ion standards.
  3. Laser Spot Welding: Ensures a strong connection between the battery and IC.
  4. Strict QC Testing: The product undergoes quality control testing with a failure rate below 0.1%.
  5. Warranty: Offers a hassle-free warranty period without complex procedures.


  • Voltage: 3.79V
  • Capacity: 3969mAh
  • Compatible Models: A2161, A2218, and A2220

Reasons to Replace Your iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery:

  • Your iPhone doesn’t charge.
  • Your battery drains too fast.
  • Your iPhone doesn’t turn on or only displays the battery symbol.
  • You are experiencing random battery percentage fluctuations.


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