MacBook Battery A2113, For Macbook Pro 16″ A2141 (2019)



MacBook Battery A2113, For Macbook Pro 16″ A2141 (2019)

It appears that you’re providing information about a replacement battery for the MacBook Pro 16″ model A2141 from 2019. Here’s a summary of the details you’ve mentioned:

Battery Information:

  • Model Number: A2113
  • Milliamp Hours: 8790 mAh
  • Watt Hours: 99.8 Wh
  • Voltage: 11.76 V
  • Battery adhesive included for easier installation.
  • Opening tools are also included for accessing the bottom plate and removing the battery.


  • This battery is compatible with the MacBook Pro 16″ model A2141 from 2019.

Common Issues Addressed:

  • “Service Battery” warning in settings.
  • Swollen battery.
  • Short battery life.


  • 6 Months Warranty is provided. Please note that the warranty may become void if the battery is installed incorrectly or misused. Damage from contact with liquids can also void the warranty.


  • Nationwide shipping is available, with overnight delivery and tracking included.


  • Installation services are offered; customers can contact you for more information.

Important Note:

  • This is a third-party replacement battery and not an official Apple product.
  • For optimal performance, calibration of the newly installed battery is recommended.

This information is useful for customers looking to replace the battery in their MacBook Pro 16″ A2141 (2019) to improve performance and address battery-related issues. It’s important to note that compatibility and proper installation are crucial when replacing a laptop battery.


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