iPhone 11 Pro Replacement Battery




iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement Specifications:

  • Battery Details:
    • Capacity: 3046mAh.
    • Cycle Count: 0 cycles.
    • Battery health: 100%.
    • Voltage: 3.83V.
    • Expected usage time: 11.67 hours.

Examples of Problems Warranting Battery Replacement:

  1. Your phone battery no longer charges.
  2. Existing phone battery drains much faster than before.
  3. Phone doesn’t charge to 100%.
  4. Existing battery never reached full capacity, leading to improper charging.
  5. Phone doesn’t turn on at all.
  6. Phone turns on but gets stuck at the Apple logo.
  7. The original battery was replaced with a third-party battery that didn’t work properly.
  8. Phone battery drains significantly faster than it did initially.
  9. The battery goes dead flat from any percentage other than 1%.


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