iPhone 12 Pro Screen Repair & Replacement

iphone 12 pro max

iPhone 12 Pro Screen Repair & Replacement Starts From $39

No. 1 Phone & Computer Repair can handle all your smartphone repair needs. Whether it’s an iPhone 12 Pro screen replacement or any other damage, we have the qualifications and expertise to provide a quality and cost-effective repair service in NZ. Pay only a little for a simple fix. Come to NZ Electronics Repair instead!

Call us at 0800585222!

Our store offers independent iPhone 12 pro screen repair and ensures you get the best service for your device. Our rates are also some of the most affordable, and we provide you with a detailed bill so you will know the cost of the service.

NZ Electronics Repair also fixes what else?

  • Cracked screen fix: Most smartphones today are made of glass, so repairing it can take a long time, but with our services, you are assured of getting it back within a few hours rather than a few days.
  • Glitches in Touch Screens: Touch screens detect which parts of the screen are being touched and determine the activities you are performing. In a few minutes, we will run a diagnostic check and correct the faults, restoring your phone to its original condition.
  • Dead Pixel On-screen: Dead pixels, ranging from small white dots to larger black dots, can occur when the transistor responsible for the amount of light in all subpixels malfunctions. So don’t hesitate – let us get your devices running again!

At NZ Electronics Repair, we have experts who will quickly and affordably care for your device problems – no matter how complicated. You can trust that you’ll get the best service with us at unbeatable iPhone 12 pro screen repair cost.




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Note:Prices are excludes GST. Prices are to only serve as an indicator and are subject to change. Multiple repairs can be eligible for a discount.

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