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iPad Air 3 Home Button Replacement Service in Aukland-New Zealand

iPads are top of the line tablets, made by the biggest electronics manufacturer in the world, Apple Inc. These tablets have some of the best feature sets in any device, a good display, fast processor, excellent size and good cameras. They are fun to work with and to work on.This also means that it is susceptible to wear and tear. iPad Air 3 Home Button replacement can cost you quite a lot of money; this is due to the fact that there are very few retailers and services which can actually conduct repairs.

The parts are also quite expensive, hence services overcharge at times. The full bill is almost never disclosed and you do not get a good idea of what was repaired and replaced. At NZ electronics, everything is transparent; from our bills to the parts used all of it is displayed on the bill. The charges are also far lesser than any other service in all of New Zealand.

Services for iPads:

  • Cracked screen fix: The screen on an iPad is perhaps the most important part of the device and damage on it is inevitable. Whether it is due to drops or hits, the screen gets affected all the time. We can replace it for you for a cut-price and in the fastest times of a few hours.
  • Water damage: iPads can get damaged when exposed to water; it could be splashes, spills or accidental drops into water. You should immediately get it to our repair centres for a quick check- We can fix it in an instant.
  • Battery and charging: After some usage, in a year or so, you might notice a slowdown in charge times or a quick discharge of the battery. You should come to us if there are some problems you are currently facing. We can take a look and even fix it in a short amount of time.

These services are just some, which our technicians can handle. We offer the most transparent service and the best prices for any sort of repair on your precious device.

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